Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to delete saved Username/Password when you browse password protected folder on network in win 7?

I have Bufallo data link station 1 terabyte attached to my LAN.
I have created some shared folders and each of shared folder has user access restriction only for certain user.

One day I have to change my admin password.

Open Command Prompt (Start > Search "cmd" > Enter)
Enter the line: rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr
When the window comes up you should be able to manage stored keys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Installing ImageMagick on CPanel Server

ImageMagick is dealing with image processing (on the web) that used by imagick PHP extension.

MODx, one of PHP popular Content Management Framework is using ImageMagick for its gallery module.
My CPanel Server does not have ImageMagick, so I have to install it.

My server uses WHM version 11.30.2 and I plan to install ImageMagick from WHM dash board.
In WHM, I go to "Software" and then go to "Install a RPM". From RPM list, I install ImageMagick and ImageMagick Devel respectively. This step basically will install ImageMagick application.

Then the second step, I install Imagick PHP extension. I go to "Software" and then go to "Modules Installer". After that I choose PHP-pecl menu by clicking the "manage" button. Input "imagick" into "Install a PHP Pecl" form then hit the "Install Now" button.

And the final step is to restart httpd (apache) web server services.
And thats all.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Default Application on Ubuntu 11.04

I try Ubuntu 11.04 live cd on my Virtual Box to see all applications on its package. I just want to know all default application before I install it. Using Desktop Recorder, I make a video to show all Ubuntu 11.04 default application and what its looks like.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Record Revision on Libre (Open) Office Writer

When I work together with my partners in my office, sometimes I should make some revision on a document that proposed by my partner.

It is easy to modify the word document with Libre Office Writer, but I want to track what character, word or sentences that I have changed, so my partner can easily find my revision.

In Libre Office Writer, after I open a word document, then I go to the "Edit" menu. From "Edit" menu, I choose "Changes" sub-menu and then give a check mark on "Record" sub-menu.
revision libre office writer

After I do the above operation, I found that when I type a revision on the opened document, it will typed on orange. So my partner will easily find what I have revised. When I deleted a character, word or sentences, the deleted character/word/sentences would become a single strikethrough character/word/sentences.
revised and deleted libre office writer

So, it easy to collaborate with other staff using Libre (Open) Office Writer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Orange HRM Help You Manage Your Human Resources

Orange HRM is most pupular Human Resources Management Software in the world. Orange HRM is an open source application that developed base on php Symfony framework.

I try to install it on localhost and in my production server, a Centos server that managed by Cpanel. The steps are:
  1. I download the Orange HRM source code from http://www.orangehrm.com/download.php. I download OrangeHRM 2.6.3 Stable Release for Linux which has .tar.gz extension.
  2. I upload orangehrm- file into my server and place it in public_html directory. I upload it using Cpanel File Manager.
  3. I extract orangehrm- into public_html directory.
  4. I change the owner and the group off all directory and all file inside public_html to nobody, since apache in Cpanel server run as nobody. To change the owner and the group of all file inside public_html, I had to be a root first.
  5. I create an orangehrm database and a user that has all privilege to orangehrm database.
  6. From my browser, I call www.my-domain.com and follow the installation wizard.
Enjoying to manage your human  resources...
Employee database, Company Structure, Time sheets,  absences, etc.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Monitoring Internet Traffic in IPCOP2

    IPCop is one of my favorite router firewall linux distro. I had tried IPCop version 1 and now I use IPCop version2 (1.9.17).

    On many occasion I find the internet traffic in my office going slow. I have to monitor who has make it slow. I using iftop command line to monitor it. How to do that, it simple, since iftop is builtin on IPCop.

    First I have to enable SSH access to my IPCop router firewall box. From the web administration panel of my IPCop, I go to System menu then into SSH Access sub menu. I give a check mark on "SSH Access" and click the save button.
    ssh access on ipcop

    Secondly, from my Linux Mint Debian Edition console, I login to my IPCOP box via ssh, with this command: ssh -p 8022 root@ and login with root password.

    In my IPCop console, I run this command to monitor internet traffic: iftop -i lan-1. It means iftop will monitor the interface lan-1 which is my Office LAN connected to. Iftop give me a real time internet traffic monitoring.
    Monitoring Internet Traffic with iftop on IPCop 2

    By the way, I got the name lan-1 from my IPCop web administration on Network Status sub menu .
    network status ipcop

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    How to hide gridline on Open Office Calc 3

    Open Office is one of free office suite that suitable for home and office user. It has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool like microsoft powerpoint, database and some other. You can find the detail information on open office website.

    Some time we need to show or to hide gridline in openoffice calc. It is easy to do that. Open Option Menu and from the option left menu choose Openoffice calc then view. You can give "Visual Aid" a check mark on or off to show or to hide gridline.

    show or hide gridline in openoffice calc

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Installing IPFire Router Firewall on Virtual Box OSE

    Just for experiment, I install IPFire router firewall in virtual box inside my PC that running Linux Mint Debian Edition.

    IPFire is a wellknown router firewall linux distro today. In my opinion, IPFire is more like IPCOP router firewall, but has more integrated modules in default installation. The installation process is more like IPCOP. IPFire easy to use and administered through its web admin page.

    Since my PC only has on ethernet card, so I missed the RED network configuration, but all install process is completed. The RED interface can be setup later by running setup command.

    See the installation process video on Youtube.

    Desktop Recorder

    Some times I need to record some certain activities in my desktop in order to make a kind of video documentation or a kind of tutorial on a certain topic. I used recordMyDesktop in my Linux Mint Debian Edition PC to record my desktop.

    To install recordMyDesktop, I use the Synaptic Package Manager. After installed, I can access recordMyDesktop through "Sound & Video" Menu then clicking "Desktop Recorder".

    record my desktop menu

    With recordMyDesktop I can select a certain windows to record to by clicking on "select window" button. Or I can leave it to record the whole desktop. The result is a video file in format ogv named output.ogv that placed on my home folder.

    record my desktop window application

    RecordMyDesktop give me an option to save the video result as another name. To start recording my desktop, I hit the "record" button, then recordMyDesktop application windows will disappear. To stop the recording process, I hit the red circle on my lower desktop panel.

    record my desktop red cyrcle

    Since the output file is in ogv format file, so I need to convert it to other popular video format file, AVI. I use the following command to convert it:
    "ffmpeg -i output.ogv -vcodec mpeg4 -sameq -acodec libmp3lame output.avi", the output will have the same quality with the source.
    I used following command to produce the vga quality output:
    "ffmpeg -i virtualbox.ogv -vcodec mpeg4 -s vga -acodec libmp3lame virtualboxvga.avi".

    Ahh.. the final result is good...
    Finally I can make good video tutorial

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox is Full

    Several days ago, my friend had a trouble with his Thunderbird email client. He is a windows XP user and had used Thunderbird for several years.

    Thunderbird showing an error that indicate the inbox folder is full so it fails to download new message. I have found the similar error with Microsoft outlook 2000 at one of my friend PC, since Microsoft outlook 2000 personal folder has 2GB limitation.

    I ask uncle "Google" about this error... and I found that Thunderbird Inbox has 4 GB Limitation. But why my Thuderbird never show this error event my email size more than 4 GB?

    By comparing the internal folder structure between my Thunderbird and his, I found the cause of error. My friend put all messages into inbox only and never separate or categorize them into folders in local folder.

    And the solution come....
    1. I close Thunderbird
    2. I copy the inbox and inbox.msf file as a backup into other folder.
    3. I open Thunderbird again
    4. In Thunderbird, I make several new folder in order to categorize all inbox messages. My friend likes yearly categorization. So I make folder like this: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 etc, according to the year of each message.
    5. I move all inbox messages into each yearly appropriate folder until inbox empty.
    6. I close Thunderbird again
    7. I delete the empty inbox file and inbox.msf file too.
    8. I start again Thunderbird and Thunderbird will create a new inbox file.
    9. I try do download new message but it still shows error message that Inbox folder is Full event actually the inbox file is empty at the moment.
    10. I compact inbox folder and try to download new message again.
    11. Finally it was working.

    So,..it is better to categorize your email and separate them into each appropriate folder. I like to separate and categorize them by sender name.

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Virtual Box OSE

    I am using Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) right now. Some times I interest to try other Linux Distro or other Operating System, but still want to keep working on LMDE. I only have one PC and one hardisk. I could make a new empty partition on my hardisk, but this would make my PC become a dual boot system. I don't like dual boot system.

    And I think the better solution is using Virtualization. It is my lucky day, that we have virtual box ose in Debian repository. I install it using "Software Manager" in Administration menu. After properly installed, I can access Virtual Box via "System Tools" Menu.

    Virtual Box Ose on Linux Mint Debian Edition

    And then the journey to other linux distro is begin...

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Installing Apache PHP MySql PhpMyAdmin on Linux Mint Debian Edition

    For Development purpose, I set up a local LAMP Server in my Linux Mint Debian Edition.

    For the first effort, I try the simplest way, using "tasksel".
    What is tasksel? Tasksel is a tool in Debian or Ubuntu Linux Distro that install multiple related package as a co-ordinated task onto our system. You can find more information about tasksel from Ubuntu Documentation.

    The available "co-ordinated task" in recent version of Ubuntu and Debian are different. In Ubuntu I can find: DNS server, Edubuntu server, LAMP server, Edubuntu desktop, Kubuntu desktop, Xubuntu desktop, Edubuntu live CD, Kubuntu live CD, Ubuntu live CD and Xubuntu live CD tasksel list.
    In Debian I can find: Graphical desktop environment, Web server, Print server, DNS server, File server, Mail server, SQL database, SSH server, Laptop and manual package selection.

    Here is the screenshot of LMDE tasksel.

    Linux Mint Debian Edition tasksel

    As you see in the above screenshot, I choose Web server and SQL database. The system prompt me with question about "root password for MySql server" and I think this is a good practice to input the password.

    Then I install phpmyadmin using manual install, with "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin".

    I run Firefox web browser to open http://localhost. It is to make sure that apache webserver was installed. I open http://localhost/phpmyadmin to make sure phpmyadmin was installed. Then I can login to MySql database server with user root and root password that I have made before.

    Ok, I will go to further experiment.

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Linux Mint Debian Edition

    Linux Mint is one of popular linux distribution. Its rank in distrowatch.com is always in the five biggest linux distro of the world.
    Linux Mint becomes popular since it has a very user friendly "user interface". You can see it on mint menu and in the software manager, besides "out of the box" of Linux Mint. Windows user would face no difficulties to use this linux distro.

    Linux Mint actually develop from Ubuntu as a base distro. Since this is not a rolling distro, so I usually do a clean install if Linux Mint release a new version. I really do this for several years using Linux Mint. And then I am glad that Linux Mint developer try a new way to break this kind situation and make a Linux Mint Debian Edition as a rolling distro.

    Right now I install Linux Mint Debian Edition in my Office PC. This more light than (Ubuntu based) Linux Mint. Linux Mint Debian Edition has GUI installation process, so it still easy to install.

    One of the lack on Linux Mint Debian Edition that I found is, smbclient. I know this when I want to install a network printer that attached to a windows machine on my LAN. I can not find an option to "Windows Printer via Samba" when I add a new printer. From terminal, I know that smbclient is not installed. Then I install smbclient to fix this. An option to "Windows Printer via Samba" appears in the Add new printer dialogue box.

    Linux Mint Debian Edition

    I recommend all of you to use this distro. It is a great distro.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Cpanel Default Web Page

    When you setup a new cpanel server and want to test the apche service then you try to call the IP address like http://74.xxx.xx.xx. to see if its working.
    You will see the default webpage defaultwebpage.cgi. This is the standard system on cpanel.

    The defaultwebpage.cgi actualy is the result of redirection of index.html in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html. The defaultwebpage.cgi itself is placed in /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi.

    To modify this defaultwebpage, try this 2 simple options:
    1. Edit /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html. and change the meta http redirection. Index.html consist this simple html script:
    META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    You can change the value in URL=/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi to URL=/another/page.

    2. Or you can edit /usr/local/apache/htdocs/index.html to what ever you like.

    Wana try....?