Thursday, May 5, 2011

Default Application on Ubuntu 11.04

I try Ubuntu 11.04 live cd on my Virtual Box to see all applications on its package. I just want to know all default application before I install it. Using Desktop Recorder, I make a video to show all Ubuntu 11.04 default application and what its looks like.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Record Revision on Libre (Open) Office Writer

When I work together with my partners in my office, sometimes I should make some revision on a document that proposed by my partner.

It is easy to modify the word document with Libre Office Writer, but I want to track what character, word or sentences that I have changed, so my partner can easily find my revision.

In Libre Office Writer, after I open a word document, then I go to the "Edit" menu. From "Edit" menu, I choose "Changes" sub-menu and then give a check mark on "Record" sub-menu.
revision libre office writer

After I do the above operation, I found that when I type a revision on the opened document, it will typed on orange. So my partner will easily find what I have revised. When I deleted a character, word or sentences, the deleted character/word/sentences would become a single strikethrough character/word/sentences.
revised and deleted libre office writer

So, it easy to collaborate with other staff using Libre (Open) Office Writer.