Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monitoring Internet Traffic in IPCOP2

IPCop is one of my favorite router firewall linux distro. I had tried IPCop version 1 and now I use IPCop version2 (1.9.17).

On many occasion I find the internet traffic in my office going slow. I have to monitor who has make it slow. I using iftop command line to monitor it. How to do that, it simple, since iftop is builtin on IPCop.

First I have to enable SSH access to my IPCop router firewall box. From the web administration panel of my IPCop, I go to System menu then into SSH Access sub menu. I give a check mark on "SSH Access" and click the save button.
ssh access on ipcop

Secondly, from my Linux Mint Debian Edition console, I login to my IPCOP box via ssh, with this command: ssh -p 8022 root@ and login with root password.

In my IPCop console, I run this command to monitor internet traffic: iftop -i lan-1. It means iftop will monitor the interface lan-1 which is my Office LAN connected to. Iftop give me a real time internet traffic monitoring.
Monitoring Internet Traffic with iftop on IPCop 2

By the way, I got the name lan-1 from my IPCop web administration on Network Status sub menu .
network status ipcop

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