Thursday, August 25, 2011

Installing ImageMagick on CPanel Server

ImageMagick is dealing with image processing (on the web) that used by imagick PHP extension.

MODx, one of PHP popular Content Management Framework is using ImageMagick for its gallery module.
My CPanel Server does not have ImageMagick, so I have to install it.

My server uses WHM version 11.30.2 and I plan to install ImageMagick from WHM dash board.
In WHM, I go to "Software" and then go to "Install a RPM". From RPM list, I install ImageMagick and ImageMagick Devel respectively. This step basically will install ImageMagick application.

Then the second step, I install Imagick PHP extension. I go to "Software" and then go to "Modules Installer". After that I choose PHP-pecl menu by clicking the "manage" button. Input "imagick" into "Install a PHP Pecl" form then hit the "Install Now" button.

And the final step is to restart httpd (apache) web server services.
And thats all.


  1. Thank you so so much, The first tutorial I saw that's work, thanks

  2. Your banner says it all. I used to teach IT at a secular school, and started off by telling the students, the only reason they know anything is because God put it inside them. Hopefully it stuck with them.

    Great tutorial by the way. Thank you, I was happy to see you understand the issues installing MODx on cPanel server.

    The main thing holding me back installing MODx now is getting the extensions installed. If you can direct me how to do the remaining steps, I would be very grateful.

    install SIMPLEXML
    mod_rewrite off

    I just upgraded PHP to 5.4, thinking that would solve the problem.

    THank you.