Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Linux Mint Debian Edition

Linux Mint is one of popular linux distribution. Its rank in distrowatch.com is always in the five biggest linux distro of the world.
Linux Mint becomes popular since it has a very user friendly "user interface". You can see it on mint menu and in the software manager, besides "out of the box" of Linux Mint. Windows user would face no difficulties to use this linux distro.

Linux Mint actually develop from Ubuntu as a base distro. Since this is not a rolling distro, so I usually do a clean install if Linux Mint release a new version. I really do this for several years using Linux Mint. And then I am glad that Linux Mint developer try a new way to break this kind situation and make a Linux Mint Debian Edition as a rolling distro.

Right now I install Linux Mint Debian Edition in my Office PC. This more light than (Ubuntu based) Linux Mint. Linux Mint Debian Edition has GUI installation process, so it still easy to install.

One of the lack on Linux Mint Debian Edition that I found is, smbclient. I know this when I want to install a network printer that attached to a windows machine on my LAN. I can not find an option to "Windows Printer via Samba" when I add a new printer. From terminal, I know that smbclient is not installed. Then I install smbclient to fix this. An option to "Windows Printer via Samba" appears in the Add new printer dialogue box.

Linux Mint Debian Edition

I recommend all of you to use this distro. It is a great distro.

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