Sunday, July 25, 2010

Linux Distro List and Other *NIX OS

You see.. You have many distro to choose. Why do You still use Windows?
I myself used Linux Mint.
  1. 2X : 2X ThinClientOS is a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution with a small footprint, optimised for remote desktop computing.
  2. 64 Studio : Debian based, digital content creator
  3. Absolute Linux : Desktop oriented light-weight modification of Slackware Linux
  4. ADIOS : Fedora-based boot CD 
  5. aLinux™ : advanced Office/Multimedia RPM based GNU/Linux distribution. 
  6. Alpine Linux : routers, firewalls, VPNs, VoIP boxes and servers
  7. ALT Linux : Rusian distro for desktop and server 
  8. APODIO : Ubuntu based with large collection of open source audio and video software
  9. Ark Linux : Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use
  10. Arch Linux : a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.
  11. ArcheOS stands for Archaeological Operating System.
  12. ArtistX : Ubuntu-based bootable DVD containing many free multimedia software packages for audio, 2D and 3D graphics, and video production.
  13. Astaro Security Gateway : full unified threat management
  14. Asterisk : powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers
  15. Aurora OS started its life as Eeebuntu, an Ubuntu-based distribution optimised for ASUS Eee PC and other popular netbooks.
  16. AUSTRUMI (Austrum Latvijas Linukss) : business card size bootable live CD Linux distribution.
  17. BackTrack : Ubuntu-based distribution with a collection of security and forensics tools. 
  18. Berry Linux : Linux demo, educational CD or as a rescue system based on Red Hat Linux and Knoppix. 
  19. Big Linux : Brazilian Kubuntu live CD with support for hard disk install and localised into Brazilian Portuguese.
  20. blackPanther OS : Hungarian Linux distribution 
  21. BLAG : based on Fedora and reduced to one CD.
  22. BlankOn : Ubuntu-based distribution developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation and BlankOn developer team. 
  23. Bluewhite64 Linux : port of Slackware Linux to the x86_64 processor architectures.
  24. CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) : Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux live distribution created by Digital Forensics for Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Security (CRIS)
  25. Caixa Mágica : Portuguese Linux distribution based on Mandriva Linux.
  26. Calculate Linux : designed for small and medium businesses that prefer to use open-source instead of proprietary solutions. 
  27. Canaima GNU/Linux : Venezuelan desktop distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux.
  28. Caos Linux NSA is a light-weight, fast, efficient, stable, and secure
  29. CDlinux : compact distribution of GNU/Linux.
  30. CentOS : Enterprise-class Linux Distribution mainly for server
  31. Chakra GNU/Linux : user-friendly and powerful distribution and live CD based on Arch Linux
  32. ClearOS : network and gateway server designed for small businesses and distributed environments
  33. Clonezilla Live : Debian-based live CD containing Clonezilla, a partition and disk cloning software similar to Norton Ghost.
  34. CrunchBang Linux : Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the light-weight Openbox window manager and GTK+ applications
  35. CRUX : lightweight, i686-optimised Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users. 
  36. Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) : Slackware and Slax-based live DVD.
  37. Debian : General purpose linux for desktop and server
  38. Debris Linux : desktop-oriented distribution and live CD based on Ubuntu.
  39. Deepin Linux (formerly Hiweed GNU/Linux) : Chinese distribution, based on Ubuntu.
  40. DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit) : customized distribution of the Xubuntu live Linux CD 
  41. DeLi Linux : Desktop Linux distribution for old computers
  42. DesktopBSD : Desktop operating system based on FreeBSD 
  43. Devil-Linux : CD-based Linux distribution for firewalls and routers.
  44. DigAnTel : digital / analog VoIP telephone system based on CentOS and using Asterisk, FreePBX with VoicePulse module, Openfire, vtigerCRM, Postfix, OpenVPN, and automated Polycom Phone support
  45. Draco GNU/Linux: independently developed GNU/Linux distribution with focus on simplicity and flexibility.
  46. DragonFly BSD : BSD base that give opportunity to grow in an entirely different direction from the one taken in the FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD series. 
  47. Dragora GNU/Linux : distribution created from scratch
  48. Dreamlinux : Out of the box Brazilian distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux 
  49. EasyPeasy (formerly Ubuntu Eee) : Ubuntu-based distribution for netbooks 
  50. eBox Platform : unified network server that offers easy and efficient computer network administration for small and medium-size businesses. 
  51. Edubuntu : partner project of Ubuntu Linux, a distribution suitable for classroom use.
  52. Elastix : Linux distribution that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) into a single, easy-to-use interface.
  53. Element : Ubuntu-based distribution for home theatre or media-centre
  54. Elive, or Enlightenment live CD  Debian-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD featuring the Enlightenment window manager
  55. Endian Firewall : Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance
  56. Epidemic GNU/Linux Brazilian out of the box desktop Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux.
  57. Estrella Roja (formerly Red Star GNU/Linux) : Argentina Debian-based distribution and live CD for the desktop.
  58. Fedora : General purpose linux for desktop and server
  59. Fermi Linux LTS (Long Term Support) : Scientific Linux with Fermilab's security hardening based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
  60. FreeBSD : UN*X-like operating system 
  61. FreeNAS : tiny FreeBSD-based operating system which provides free Network-Attached Storage (NAS) services (CIFS, FTP and NFS). 
  62. Frenzy : portable system administrator toolkit, a live CD based on FreeBSD.
  63. Frugalware Linux : general purpose desktop Linux distribution designed for intermediate users. 
  64. FuguIta: LiveCD/LiveUSB system which was built from OpenBSD
  65. Gentoo : special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized
  66. GeeXboX : GeeXboX is a free and Open Source Media-Center
  67. GhostBSD : Gnome based FreeBSD distribution  in a form of a live CD. 
  68. Gibraltar : Debian GNU/Linux-based firewall
  69. gNewSense : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution released without any proprietary and non-free components 
  70. GNOBSD : OpenBSD-based live DVD which boots into a GNOME desktop
  71. gnuLinEx : developed by the Extremadura Regional Government in Spain. 
  72. GoboLinux : alternative Linux distribution which redefines the entire filesystem hierarchy, each program resides in its own directory
  73. gOS : Enlightenment Ubuntu-based distribution designed for less technical computer users.
  74. GParted LiveCD : live CD distribution with a single purpose - to provide tools for partitioning hard disks in an intuitive, graphical environment. 
  75. Granular Linux : easy-to-use, desktop Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS.
  76. Greenie Linux : Slovak desktop distribution based on Ubuntu 
  77. Grml : collection of GNU/Linux software especially for system administrators and users of texttools
  78. Guadalinex : Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by the government of Andalucía (Junta de Andalucía) in Spain. 
  79. Helix : incident response and forensics based on Ubuntu.
  80. Hymera : Italian desktop Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux.
  81. Igelle : advanced modern operating system for desktop computers, mobile devices, embedded systems and server computers, that provides powerful computing features in a modern, easy-to-use environment for a very wide range of devices and hardware. 
  82. iMagic OS : commercial desktop Linux distribution based on Kubuntu.
  83. Imagineos (formerly GoblinX) is a bootable live CD distribution based on Slackware Linux.
  84. IPCop Firewall : SOHO Linux firewall distribution
  85. IPFire : Firewall and gateway distro that focusses on easy setup, good handling and high level of security. 
  86. Jolicloud : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for netbooks.
  87. KahelOS : rolling release  model Arch-based Linux.
  88. KANOTIX : based on the latest stable release of Debian GNU/Linux. 
  89. Karoshi : school server operating system based on PCLinuxOS. 
  90. Kiwi Linux : Romanian and Hungarian Ubuntu live CD for the i386 architecture.
  91. Kongoni GNU/Linux : Slackware-based, desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution and live CD.
  92. Knoppix : bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software
  93. Kubuntu : KDE variant of ubuntu based Linux 
  94. Linpus Linux : commercial, Fedora-based distribution developed by Linpus Technologies
  95. LinuxConsole : independently developed Linux live CD
  96. Linux From Scratch (LFS) : project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own custom Linux system.
  97. Linux MCE : kubuntu addons to control audio video device, lamp, alarm at home
  98. Linux Mint : Out of the box Linux Desktop
  99. Linux Multi Media Studio : Linux multimedia studio, music editor
  100. LinuX-gamers : Live DVD with a collection of popular 3D games. 
  101. Linux XP : universal and secure operating system designed for home and business use, based on Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core. 
  102. LliureX : Council of Culture, Education and Sport at the Municipality of Valencia, Spain Distro.
  103. Lubuntu : LXDE Ubuntu variant 
  104. Lunar : flexible system built from source that is easy to install and maintain
  105. Macpup : minimalist desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux that looks like Apple's Mac OS X. 
  106. Magic Linux : Chinese Distro.
  107. Mandriva :  General purpose linux for desktop and server 
  108. Mangaka : desktop Linux distribution  for the fans of Japanese Manga and Anime
  109. MCNLive : Mandriva-based distribution designed to run from a USB Flash drive or a CD.
  110. MeeGo : The combination of Moblin and Maemo from Nokia
  111. Mepis :  Just Works Linux Desktop
  112. MidnightBSD : easy-to-use desktop based-on FreeBSD
  113. MilaX : small-size live-CD distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB storage device.
  114. MINIX 3 : new open-source operating system designed to be highly reliable, flexible, and secure develope from MINIX
  115. Moblin : open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimised for mobile devices including netbooks, mobile Internet devices, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.
  116. MoLinux : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution developed by the government of Castilla la Mancha in Spain.
  117. Monomaxos : Greek Ubuntu-based distribution whose purpose is to provide a complete out-of-the-box 
  118. m0n0wall : FreeBSD-based Firewall
  119. MoonOS : LXDE, Enlightenment DR17 distro based on Ubuntu  Linux 
  120. Musix GNU+Linux is a Debian-based distribution featuring a collection of free software for audio production, graphic design and video editing.
  121. Mythbuntu : standalone MythTV  Ubuntu-based distribution and live CD 
  122. MythDora : based on Fedora and MythTV
  123. NetBSD : free, secure, and highly portable UNIX-like Open Source operating system 
  124. Netrunner : Ubuntu-based distribution with a focus on desktop computing.
  125. Nexenta OS : combination of the OpenSolaris kernel with GNU application 
  126. NexentaStor : enterprise-class unified storage solution built upon the foundation of the open-source file system Nexenta Core Platform, including the ZFS file system. 
  127. NimbleX : Slackware-based live CD
  128. NuTyX : French Linux distribution created from Linux From Scratch 
  129. Ojuba : Islamic Fedora-based Linux distribution
  130. OpenBSD : multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system.
  131. OpenGEU : desktop Linux distribution based on Debian.
  132. Openmamba GNU/Linux is a ready-to-use operating system for notebooks, desktop and server personal computers.
  133. OpenSolaris : Solaris like OS
  134. OpenSuse : General purpose linux for desktop and server 
  135. Openwall GNU/*/Linux (or Owl for short) : security-enhanced operating system
  136. Oracle Enterprise Linux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution supported by Oracle. 
  137. OzOs : Xubuntu-based Linux distribution that uses a heavily-customised Enlightenment 17 desktop
  138. PapugLinux : minimal GNU/Linux live CD based on the Gentoo Linux
  139. Pardus : GNU/Linux distribution funded and developed by the Scientific Technological Research Council of Turkey. 
  140. Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation CD derived from KANOTIX and based on Debian.
  141. Parted Magic : small live CD/USB/PXE with its main purpose as a tool for partitioning hard drives
  142. PC-BSD : easy-to-install-and-use desktop operating system, based on FreeBSD.
  143. PC Linux OS : Out of the box Linux Desktop
  144. PC/OS : out of the box user-friendly desktop and server Linux distribution based on Xubuntu 
  145. PelicanHPC : Debian-based live CD image with a goal to make it simple to set up a high performance computing cluster. 
  146. Pentoo : Gentoo-based Linux live CD with a selection of applications and tools designed to perform penetration testing.
  147. Peppermint OS : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution that aims to be lightning fast and easy on system resources. 
  148. pfSense : firewall and router based on FreeBSD. 
  149. PLoP Linux : designed to rescue data from a damaged system, backup and restore operating systems, automate tasks
  150. Puppy Linux : Small Desktop Linux 
  151. Puredyne : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution aimed at creative people.
  152. PureOS and PureOSlight are GNU/Linux liveCDs 
  153. Qimo 4 Kids : Ubuntu-based, customised for use by children ages 3 and up.
  154. Quirky : a sister project of Puppy Linux
  155. Recovery Is Possible (RIP) is a Slackware-based CD or floppy boot/rescue/backup/maintenance system.
  156. RedHat : Enterprise Linux distro for Desktop and Server
  157. Sabayon :  Out of the box Linux Desktop
  158. Sabily (formerly Ubuntu Muslim Edition) : based on Ubuntu.
  159. Salix OS : Slackware-based Linux distribution that is simple, fast, easy to use and compatible with Slackware Linux. 
  160. SAM Linux Desktop, a live and installation CD based on PCLinuxOS, is an easy-to-use, fast and clean XFce Linux desktop for home users. 
  161. SaxenOS : lightweight Slackware and Zenwalk-based distribution with the Xfce desktop for older, low-specification computers.
  162. Scientific Linux : recompiled Red Hat Enterprise Linux, co-developed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
  163. Sidux : Based on "Sid" Debian Branch 
  164. Skolelinux Debian-edu project's Custom Debian Distribution (CDD). 
  165. Slackintosh : port of Slackware Linux to the PowerPC (Macintosh) processor architecture
  166. Slackware :  advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals of ease of use and stability as top priorities
  167. Slax : Slackware-based bootable CD
  168. SliTaz GNU/Linux : mini distribution and live CD 
  169. SME Server : simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating
  170. SMS (Superb Mini Server) : Slackware-based server distribution with web, DNS, DHCP, file, print and fax servers, iptables firewall, mail server with spam filter and anti-virus scanner, and BitTorrent station.
  171. Solaris : computer operating system, the proprietary Unix variant developed by Sun Microsystems. 
  172. Sorcerer : source-based Linux distribution.
  173. StressLinux : openSUSE-based minimal Linux distribution that runs from a bootable CDROM or via PXE
  174. SuperGamer : Gaming Livedvd based upon VectorLinux
  175. Super OS (formerly Super Ubuntu) : modified version of Ubuntu with the goal of making it more usable while trying to remain compatible with Ubuntu. 
  176. SUSE Linux Enterprise : interoperable platform for mission-critical computing. 
  177. Syllable : Desktop and Server
  178. System Rescue Cd : Gentoo-based Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM or USB drive, designed for repairing a system and data after a crash. 
  179. T2 started as a community driven fork from the ROCK Linux Project with the aim to create a decentralized development and clean a framework for spin-off projects and customized distributions. 
  180. TEENpup Linux : based on Puppy Linux
  181. Tiny Core : Small Distro
  182. TinyMe : Unity Linux-based mini-distribution. 
  183. Toorox : Gentoo-based live DVD
  184. Toutou Linux : French variant of Puppy Linux, fast desktop
  185. Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK : recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues.
  186. Trisquel GNU/Linux : 100% libre Ubuntu-based
  187. Tuquito : Ubuntu-based distribution and live CD made in Argentina.
  188. Turbolinux distributions are designed from the ground-up specifically for enterprise computing. 
  189. UberStudent : Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD designed for learning and teaching
  190. Ubuntu : General purpose linux for desktop and server 
  191. Ubuntu Christian Edition : open source operating system geared towards Christians. 
  192. Ubuntu Rescue Remix : GNU/Linux live system which runs from CD or USB Flash device.
  193. Ubuntu Studio : multimedia editor based on Ubuntu
  194. UHU-Linux : Hungarian Linux Distro.
  195. U-lite (formerly Ubuntulite) : light-weight distribution, based on Ubuntu, designed to run comfortably on old and low-resource computers. 
  196. Ulteo : Open Source Virtual Desktop and Application Delivery solutions for the fast growing virtual desktop market.
  197. Ultimate Edition : fork of Ubuntu, a complete, seamlessly integrated, visually stimulating, and easy-to-install operating system 
  198. Unity Linux : minimalist distribution and live CD based on Mandriva Linux. 
  199. Untangle Gateway : Multi functional Firewall Debian-based network gateway with pluggable modules for network applications 
  200. UTUTO GNU/Linux : Gentoo-based distribution developed by at the Universidad Nacional de Salta in Argentina
  201. Vector Linux : small, fast 
  202. Vine Linux : supreme Linux distribution with integrated Japanese environment for desktop PCs and notebooks. 
  203. Vinux : remastered flavour of the Ubuntu distribution optimised for the needs of blind and visually impaired users.
  204. VortexBox : Fedora-based Linux distribution that turns an unused computer into an easy-to-use music server or jukebox. 
  205. VLOS (Vidalinux Desktop OS) : Gentoo-based powerfull, stable and easy-to-use Linux distribution.
  206. Vyatta : complete, ready-to-use, Debian-based distribution that is designed to transform standard x86 hardware into an enterprise-class router / firewall.
  207. wattOS : fast desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. 
  208. Webconverger : live, Debian-based web kiosk.
  209. Wifislax : Slackware-based live CD containing a variety of security and forensics tools.
  210. Wolvix : desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux. 
  211. Xange (formerly Vixta): Linux  Operating System, based on Fedora,
  212. xPUD (Penk's Underbred Distro) GNU/Linux : Taiwanese mini live and installation CD based on Ubuntu
  213. Xubuntu : Ubuntu variant which use XFCE as Desktop environment
  214. Yellow Dog Linux : operating system for home, office, server, and cluster users dedication has lead to the world's leading Linux for the Power architecture. 
  215. Ylmf OS : Chinese Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with the GNOME desktop tweaked to resemble Microsoft Windows XP.
  216. Yoper Linux : custom optimizations Linux, intended to make it the “fastest out-of-the-box distribution. 
  217. Zencafe GNU/Linux : Indonesian desktop Linux distribution designed specifically for public Internet cafés
  218. Zenwalk : Slim and fast slackware based linux 
  219. Zeroshell : Router/Bridge Linux Firewall
  220. ZevenOS : GNU/Linux Distribution with a focus on a fast and easy to use system with a touch of BeOS.
  221. Zorin : Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed especially for newcomers to Linux.