Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monitoring Internet Traffic in IPCOP2

IPCop is one of my favorite router firewall linux distro. I had tried IPCop version 1 and now I use IPCop version2 (1.9.17).

On many occasion I find the internet traffic in my office going slow. I have to monitor who has make it slow. I using iftop command line to monitor it. How to do that, it simple, since iftop is builtin on IPCop.

First I have to enable SSH access to my IPCop router firewall box. From the web administration panel of my IPCop, I go to System menu then into SSH Access sub menu. I give a check mark on "SSH Access" and click the save button.
ssh access on ipcop

Secondly, from my Linux Mint Debian Edition console, I login to my IPCOP box via ssh, with this command: ssh -p 8022 root@ and login with root password.

In my IPCop console, I run this command to monitor internet traffic: iftop -i lan-1. It means iftop will monitor the interface lan-1 which is my Office LAN connected to. Iftop give me a real time internet traffic monitoring.
Monitoring Internet Traffic with iftop on IPCop 2

By the way, I got the name lan-1 from my IPCop web administration on Network Status sub menu .
network status ipcop

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to hide gridline on Open Office Calc 3

Open Office is one of free office suite that suitable for home and office user. It has word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool like microsoft powerpoint, database and some other. You can find the detail information on open office website.

Some time we need to show or to hide gridline in openoffice calc. It is easy to do that. Open Option Menu and from the option left menu choose Openoffice calc then view. You can give "Visual Aid" a check mark on or off to show or to hide gridline.

show or hide gridline in openoffice calc