Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ZevenOS 3.0 (stable)

For several years ago, I was using Linux Mint on my desktop PC and on my Lenovo Laptop. For years ago, actually I impressed and satisfied with Linux Mint. And for years ago, I was keep searching for more-lightweight linux distro that suitable for daily use at office and home, until I met ZevenOS.

I see ZevenOS is unique. This Linux distro is inspired by Haiku OS. At the time I write this article, Haiku OS is still alpha 2 stage, but if you interrested, you can download and try it.

I downloaded the iso file of ZevenOS 3.0 stable version from its download page. I burned this iso file into a CD.  And since it is a live CD, I was testing it on my PC for a week.

I impressed with the idea of Deskbar on top-right of my work space. The deskbar give me a quick access to menu navigation and to application window that already opened. I think this is great and very helpful. My PC used a small-old 14 inches screen, so when I open an application in full windows, the application windows will cover all my workspace. Then it is hard for me to reach other open windows in the back with mouse. Through this deskbar, I just need to mouse over it and I see all the "shorcut bar" of all opened application windows.

In default installation, ZevenOS use Firefox as web broser, Clawsmail as email client, Gimp as image editor, Abiword as word processor, Gnumeric as spreadsheet application, Geany as programming tool, Deadbeef as audio player, Parole as video player and Shotwell as photo manager.

ZevenOS shipped with Magi 2.0, a kind of control center in ZevenOS. Through Magi 2.0, you can configure your ZevenOS to what you like.

Since I need thunderbird as my favourite email client and OpenOffice as my Office suite, I installed it via "Ubuntu Software Center". I think this is a great software manager.

At last, I encourage you all to try ZevenOS 3.0.

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